1916 Celebration


1916 Rising Celebrations

Tuesday 15th March was a special day to mark the anniversary of the 1916 Rising. The day began with the Seven Signatories and members of Cumann na mBan marching into the hall. The Proclamation was then read followed by a short drama involving the Signatories and Cumann na mBan. The celebrations also included Irish dancing, singing, music and the reading of "Proclamation for a Modern Ireland" which was created by the children of the school.

6th Class Blog

The  Ombudsman for Children's Rights .


5th class and 6th class put a lot of effort into learning about the Irish Ombudsman, for the Rights of Children. For the last 2-3 weeks we learned a lot on children's rights, under the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. 

The ombudsman for children's rights in Ireland is Niall Muldoon. He tries to take care of all the children in our country. I presume that it is a hard job from my perspective.

Active Schools Week

Active Schools Week 2016 will take place from Monday 13th June - Friday 17th June. The pupils will enjoy a host of activities which have been organised again this year by Maeve, Eanán, Vanessa and Ian. Please see our list of activities below. It promises to be a very active and healthy week. The school would like to thank all those who will be coming to the school to share their expertise. It is our aim to encourage the children to lead healthy, active lives and this may give them some activity that they may wish to continue into adulthood.

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School Self-Evaluation Report - Literacy and Numeracy

Please find attached the school self-evaluation reports on Literacy and Numeracy. These reports were compiled by the teaching staff after consulting the views and opinions of the teaching staff, pupils and parents and having consulted standardised test scores in our school. Generally, our school performs above average in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy. However, we identified some areas of work which should lead to increased outcomes for pupils and improved teaching and learning environments. 

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