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Spring has Sprung us all into Action!

Hey Clocha rince students.  Sixth class bloggers here.  We would like to ask you to check out the Active Schools blog it's full of exciting news and videos. Checkout the links also to learn more.  Sixth class will have a workshops on Cyber Awareness with fun activities hope you enjoy.  Safer Internet week runs all through next week and fun activities will be around all week.  


The student council have organised a Bake Sale on the 10th of February for Valentine's day.  All parents are invited to this bake sale stay tuned for info on times.  


Children from 6th,5th and 4th will be participating in the Peace Proms on Sunday at 2pm in the RDS Arena with the CROSS BORDER Orchestra Ireland

Monitoring the Weather

Over the past 3 weeks we (6th class) have been learning about the different type of weather conditions and ways to measuring it.  We have also made weather instruments such as:

  • An Anemometer - to measure wind speed

  • A Barometer - to measure air pressure

  • A Rain Gauge- to measure rainfall

We will be using these instruments, along with a thermometer, to record weather readings up until Christmas and, if all goes well, the rest of the school year.  It has been lots of fun learning about the weather and things we can do to measure it, use it and work with it! We now might even consider ourselves proper meteorologist’s!!! Stay tuned for a graph of our recordings.

By Megan and Ryan       

Science day

Dear diary,

The 16th of november it was science week and 6th class were studying on marie curie. And the teachers had to come up with a science experiment for 3rd class up to 6th class all the classes had a different experiment.

  • 6th class~Bn.Mhic Sheoin~sound

  • 5th class~Mr Darby~force’s

  • 4th class~Ms Seoighe~refraction

  • 3rd class~Mr. Eyres~electricity


How to make lemon battery.

File:Lemon battery - 10 Feb.

This is what we will need.

  1. Need 4 lemons

  2. 4 pieces of copper pipe

  3. 4 nails

  4. LED light

  5. wires

Take your 4 lemons and start rolling them around the table to make them juicey.

Step 1:Stick 1 nail to one side of a lemon, and a piece of copper into the other side.

Step 2: Connect the wire to a piece of copper and connect that wire to another nail.

Step 3: Using that nail repeat steps 1 and 2 and continue on doing that. Will I tell you a little story

You will need

  • 47 nails

  • 47 pieces of copper

  • LED lights

And that is what you will need to start a car once just to turn it on.

Refraction of light to water.

You will need.

  • 1 piece of paper with an arrow on it

  • 1 glass of water

  • glass

Place the arrow behind the glass and pour the water in slowly and it will reverse the arrow will turn the other way so light and water are not relate.


Balloon making a CD DANCE

What you will need

  • Balloon

  • Bottle top

  • CD

Take the CD and glue the bottle top on and attach the balloon to the bottle top and put it on the table don’t tie the balloon. We did a quiz on forces as well. Mr. Darby took a video of us all doing the mannequin challenge. Only 6th class did a quiz. It was all on fraction,so it was. I hope that everyone liked science day. A very interesting day to experience. 3rd to 6th class went around to each other's classroom. I did 7 experiments in 3 class rooms and our own room

Open ...

by 6th class

The  Ombudsman for Children's Rights .


5th class and 6th class put a lot of effort into learning about the Irish Ombudsman, for the Rights of Children. For the last 2-3 weeks we learned a lot on children's rights, under the UN Convention on the Rights of Children. 

The ombudsman for children's rights in Ireland is Niall Muldoon. He tries to take care of all the children in our country. I presume that it is a hard job from my perspective. 


5th class.JPG

These are some of the children’s rights, under the UNCRC.

  • Health Care                             

  • Have a say

  • Name

  • Food

  • Clean water

  • Getting information and being protected from harmful information

  • Being treated fairly (by international standards)

  • Expressing yourself

  • Being alive

  • Being safe from harm

  • Doing what’s best for children

  • Privacy

  • Play and rest

  • A nationality

  • Education

  • Respect your language, culture and religion

  • Clothes

  • Home

  • family/care

  • People making decisions on what’s best for you

  • Knowing your rights and responsibilities

Mr. Darby had organised a wonderful surprise for 5th/6th class……….

The surprise was…... that the ombudsman himself came in on the 9/11/2016  and told us what it is like to hold that position.

Mr. Niall Muldoon told us that The United States of America have not joined the convention for children's rights, and that there are forty ombudsmen in Europe alone.6th wholeclass.JPG

Niall asked us where we would like to see advertisements and what would get young people to pay attention to the adds. He also left us some keyrings, bookmarks, pencils, pens, posters and postcards, which we made a bit of fun out of comparing them to each other and the posters; advertising in itself working without us realising what we were taking out of it.

If you would like to learn more about the rights of children then please check out this lovely interactive website,  simply click and learn


And for more info on the council for the ombudsman in Ireland click here www.oco.ie

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Summer Time 

We hope you are all enjoying your Summer Holidays :-)

For those of you holidaying in Costa del Clogherinkoe, wow what a treat this week has been.

For all our readers out there, I'm sure you all remembered to use your suncream. Now that the days are a little more cloudy does not mean you can't burn, so keep creaming up in the mornings. Some of those dangerous rays can still make their way through. 

Ask your parents if it's OK to use YouTube and check out this link to a funny sunscreen song 



G​randparents' day

Today was Grandparents Day in Clocharince National School.             

Six grandparents came into 6th class. Conor’s, Nathan’s, Megan’s, Scott’s and Rayanna’s came in. We even had Shane’s great-grandmother in to visit. Some of the grandparents told stories about their lives and talked about our future. All of the grandparents were very interesting: Scott’s granny was a farmer, Nathan’s grandad was a 100 mile cyclist. Conor’s grandad was a rower, Rayanna’s granny was a farmer, Megan’s granny was a camogie player who played for Mayo and Shane’s great granny was great at running....away ;-), as she talked about some of the games she got up to whilst living in Dublin city as a girl.

So thank you for reading,