Board Of Management

The Board of Management manages the school on behalf of the patron, the Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin. In carrying out these duties the Board

  • does so in accordance with the policies determined by the Minister for Education

  • is accountable to the patron

  • acts at all times in accordance with any act of the Oireachtas or instrument made thereunder, deed, charter, articles of management or other such instrument relating to the establishment or operation of the school

  • must publish, in such manner as the board in agreement with the patron considers appropriate, the policy of the school in all applicable areas.

  • must have regard to the principles and requirements of a democratic society

  • must have regard to the efficient use of resources

  • must use the resources supplied to make reasonable provision and accommodation for pupils with a disability or other special education need

  • has no right over or interest in the land and buildings of the school for which the board is responsible


Election and Composition

A Board of Management is elected for a four year term. A Board of Management is comprised by 8 members. The Patron nominates 2 representatives. The Principal automatically holds a seat. A staff member is elected by the school teaching staff. A seat is held by both a mother and father, elected by the parent body. These six board members choose two members of the local community to fill the remaining two seats.


Board of Management of Clocha Rince NS

Kathleen Lynch (Chairperson & Bishop's Nominee)

Very Rev. Gerard Breen P.P. Balyna (Bishop's Nominee)

Maeve McConaghy (Secretary - Principal)

Aoife Fealy (Teaching Staff Nominee)

Yvonne Murphy (Parent’s Nominee)

Gerard Cunningham (Parent’s Nominee)

Jack Conlon (Community Member)

CatherineWynne (Community Member)